Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chalkboard Wall

So, we did it!  We finally did something that we see all the time in magazines and online and everyone thinks is cool, but i don't currently know anyone who has actually been brave enough to actually do it!  Now, you, lucky enough to know me, know someone!  We took a section of wall in our kitchen and made it into a magnetic chalkboard!  yes yes yes!

Magnetic primer....about $22 for the box.  Says it covers 16 square feet with 4 coats.  We covered 15 square feet with about 5 coats and still had some leftover.  Now my math may be off, but... so, now i have some leftover magnetic paint, what do i do with it?

The magnetic layer.  We only did it in the middle, first, because we though we need to conserve the paint (wrong), then because we figured we wouldn't be putting any magnets way high up or near the ground.
Chalkboard paint....about $8 and covers about 100 square feet.  Have a lot of this leftover after 3 coats....anyone interested in the leftovers?

 waiting for the wall to dry.  Takes 3 days to sit, then you condition it.  Conditioning is simply going over the whole thing with chalk and then erasing it.  This was a long 3 days!

 Our wall!!  We still need to get a cover for the outlet so the outlets are closed off, but we couldn't wait!  As you can see we drew 'the line'.  Kids, down, adults, up!  I'm so excited!!!

A close-up of the Parent's side.

Let me know if you get brave and do something like this too!!

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  1. Looks good. You know we were planning on doing a chalkboard wall. We'll take leftovers!