Thursday, November 17, 2011

Truth-Telling Toy Catalogs

Wouldn't it be nice to get a little truth out of a toy catalog.  I mean tell me what i'm getting into so I can make a more informed decision.  Go ahead and give me a nice picture of how the thing would look if all the directions are in English and the parts are ALL there.  But then bring in the "targeted child" let them play, then tell me how long they actually played with it, what they were able to tear apart first, and what was the main thing they wanted to put in their mouth and then show me a picture of the destruction.  Yes, show me the mess!!!  It probably won't deter me from buying the million piece toy, but then I can't bitch about how many parts there are and how it's always everywhere!  Also, wouldn't this be a nice tool for selecting toys for say....oh.. nieces and nephews! (payback, sis!).  Don't give me a description of the "educational value".  I'm sorry, just because something has been decorated with the alphabet does not qualify it as a dictionary!  Just saying...

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