Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's Called a Radish!

Garden Update!  Somehow, the things I forgot I planted and then things I never intended to plant are doing the best.  It seems like I always have some extraordinary plant growing in my compost bin.  This year, i could at least identify that it was some sort of gourd vegetable growing (by the leaves).  My guess is zucchini because it's the only item i distinctly remember having to throw out before I could cook it because it got a bit, it's been growing some, but it's been very hot and no rain......until this week.......I went out today to do battle with some weeds and BLAM!!!!  Hello, plant!  I can't wait to see if I'm right or not about what it is!

Then there are the radishes.  I honestly forgot I planted them.  I knew there was something coming up nicely, but had no clue what it was.  My little helper decided my garden markers needed to all be together in one spot and followed me around pulling them all up......and, of course, i wrote everything down in a diagram.........that has mysteriously's a surprise garden year.  Like I said, I went out to do battle and out of the corner of my eye, I see red stuff in the dirt.  First thought is some ball or toy has been destroyed and ditched in my garden (not a happy momma), then I investigate....guess what?  Apparently, I planted radishes......and they grow rather quickly.  So, ta-da!


The rest of the garden is doing ok...beans and cucumbers are hard to mess up.  

I think this is squash........and a lonely lettuce plant

Up-and-coming sunflowers across the back there (yes, i know i need a weed-eater) and i think that is a different squash over on the far right

The peas.........with an expertly built cage (not!)

And my tomato plants.  They did really well on this side of the yard last year........i mean, we're talking tomato planted them near the same spot.  I have 4 different i remember which, no.  Surprises in store!

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