Monday, September 8, 2014

Passing on a Treasure.......but which one?

I've always loved to read and I have a lot of favorite titles.  I have a niece who loves to read and I really want to share my love with her......but which one?  The BIG question!  There are so many options and to me, they aren't just something to wrap up, they are very personal gifts, that get in your head and in your heart and stick with you.  so, whatever I offer to her....has to be special!  Now, I know there are probably a hundred top 100 lists out there, but please........just because some weirdo teacher somewhere decided books like......Pilgrims at Tinker Creek ought to be required reading and suddenly it hit a best seller list somewhere.......does not mean every single student forced to ingest that crap-ola did not suffer.  (sorry, if you liked probably also enjoyed Siddhartha with all those men's yams!), what would be on your list of 'must gives'?  Last year, i went with Anne Frank.  This year.......who knows.  BTW, she's 14.

-  Hatchet
-  Little Women
-  Here's to You Rachel Robinson
-  To Spoil the Sun
-  Number the Stars
-  To Kill a Mockingbird
-  The Secret Garden
-  Bridge to Terabithia
-  The Giver (along with all 3 accompanying titles "Gathering Blue", "Son", and Messenger)
-  The Ranger's Apprentice Series - this was a suggestion, and in a way a gift, to me as an adult (thanks, Tim!)

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