Thursday, May 1, 2014

Apologies and Spaghetti

So, dear reader, I failed.  Failed to meet the challenge of sharing words with you and for you for an entire month (minus Sundays).  I nearly made it, but alas, life happened, and I was presented with the choices of blogging or sleeping and having survived some kind of killer virus for nearly a month.....sleep won.  I hope you can forgive me.

So, tonight I felt a little adventurous with dinner.  Wait...let me start again.  I will start by stating that I, unlike many I know, have no business being in a kitchen.  This is not just a clever line, but a true statement.  "I don't cook.  I put someone through culinary school."  Really and truly.  A 2007 grad from the Stratford University Culinary School.

That aside, I realize that one can not be a true Pinterestee by dreaming of home projects and melting crayons alone.  You must branch out and try things.  I will also admit that I have been recently inspired by 3 of our nieces to prove that anyone can cook!

Better yet, try not following a recipe.......try mixing two recipes and hoping for the best!  Yup!

A little while ago my cousin posted a picture of her successful attempt at a spaghetti bread bake.  I'd seen that before and thought, "hey, i remember that!"  I tucked it away for 'someday soon'.  I also had a craving, though, for some chicken Parmesan.  So.........mix them.  I do have to say I felt better about adding a protein to the pasta.  My mom would be proud if she hadn't sworn off pasta years and years ago.

Anyway, moving on.  So, I'm crap at writing a recipe, so I'll just give it to you in pictures.  If you want to make it yourself, try pinterest if you don't know how to make chicken Parmesan.

biscuits.....because I'm a big fan of the Sandra Lee way of doing things...I just took the biscuits and mushed them together and then rolled them out.

 Rolled out and the sides cut like a comb.

gather items to make fried chicken.

 I decided to spare you the pic of boiling pasta.  But i did take a picture of my jar of sauce.  i don't know.
Make chicken and then place the sauced-up pasta a chicken in the dough cradle. Then chunk up some cheese and add some more sauce.

Then you go from one side to the other layering the strips.  this looks like it might be complicated, but it's not.  You don't weave anything, just lay it over and make it look like that.

Brush with melted butter and add some garlic and cheese on top.  Bake for 30-40 min at 350.



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