Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Prep! - Turkey Army

So excited about Thanksgiving this year!!!  We're having the whole family over to our house!  18 people!  We're making the Turkeys (yes, plural), the stuffing, the gravy, and the rolls.  I also need to put together some nifty delicious appetizers......but food aside.......I'm totally trying to get into the decorating and crafty stuff.  So.......what else do you start with when you have 18 people for dinner than place cards!  I saw some really cute place cards on in the FamilyFun magazine.  Started making them and then re-engineered them to be 'topple-proof',  go me!  An original idea.  Here they are!

So, i started out with just regular card stock and drew some half circles on them.  Then gave the kids 6 colors in orange, reds, and browns and had them use their finger prints to fill in the half circles.  I forgot about taking a picture of them until it was too late to go back, so here is the page with everything already cut out......sorry.

i used some of my fun scissors to cut them out and add more to the feather look.

Then we wrote the names of each of the people on each one.

Then we made big thumb prints using the same paint on another page.  Once again I almost forgot to take pictures.  We cut the thumbs out to use as the faces.  Each one just needs two dots and a little triangle for the beak.
And then this is where I deviated.  The original craft had me painting and glittering (glitterfying, maybe?) clothespins.  Then you're supposed to glue the body to the feathers and clip it into the clothespin and set that up in front of the place setting.  however, my thought is that while that looks/sounds cute, those things are going to just be laying around on their sides with glitter on everything.  So, what could i do that would use something i had around?  Paper towel/toilet paper tubes!  So, we cut them into about 1/2 inch wide rings.  attached them to the feathers.  

 Then attached the little heads to the front.  be amazed! mu ha ha ha!

Behold my army of turkeys!

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