Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scary Mou.....umm...I mean Minnie Mouse Cake

So, my first cake to sell..........disaster.  Supposed to be a Minnie Mouse Cake

Rectangle cake and I also made a round cake to start with.

cut out the top piece and set it with the circle on a far so good...

face on......not too bad.  color was good.  then i tried to cut a corner and bought pre-made black icing.  bad was like tar and looked like it to.  by the time i got to the finishing touches, i was tired and DONE.  and Scary mouse was born.  brace yourselves.


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  1. McCormick has a black food coloring--it's kind of dangerous for me to work with, though. I almost always end up with black fingers for days : ) Your cake still looks pretty cute.
    Kids Math Teacher