Tuesday, August 14, 2012

20 Random Things

1.  I bite my nails
2.  I am always behind the curve when it comes to fashion
3.  I got a perm when I was 10 and it lasted FOREVER and was awful!
4.  I wish I had the patience to really quilt something; I usually just like to piece it, then i half-ass the quilting part
5.  My best friend and I would be perfect if i could give her half of my chest and i could have half of her booty
6.  I have a very bright pair of homemade tye-die pjs and they're actually my favorite
7.  I think news radio on WTOP is interesting
8.  I wrote a children's book, but i don't know how to get it published
9.  I'm afraid to pick a color to paint the addition on my house.  Too much wall!
10.  I actually think that I can cook (a little) but would never admit it out loud
11.  I have gotten over my fear of bathing suits
12.  If i go in the waves at the beach, i can't sleep that night and i have dreams about sharks
13.  I have an incurable addiction to PartyLite (ask my consultant)
14.  I love having to clean for a party because it means my house will be clean after the party
15.  I really like the show "Wizards of Waverly Place"
16.  I can flex my tongue
17.  I was collecting books for my children before i was even engaged
18.  I really have no clue who to vote for this year
19.  I wish i knew more about different religions, but i always fall asleep when i try to read about them
20.  I have a "bell pall" from a taco bell kids meal from years ago on my desk at work.  It's purple and pink.

Ok, there you go.  Very random.  Tomorrow...3 Fears.

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